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LUJO is a top-quality luxury concierge service/ lifestyle platform that caters to you with compelling and well-curated recommendations together with personalized (tailor-made) solutions and suggestions from around the world directly to your phone.

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Carefully chosen properties, restaurants, travel, special journeys and much more.
With excellence in both service and style, for the finest experience, you can imagine.

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Exclusive to Lujo is a global fleet of over 7000 aircraft, which are in reserve for all our members. Spectacular service, discretion and absolutely pleasant experience will unlock new horizons to you.

Through our extensive fleet selection of the finest yachts, dive into the world of ultimate privacy, luxury and beauty. In no time you will be coasting into the unforgettable, soaking up the sun and exploring the world’s most outstanding destinations.

A portfolio of villas and hotels have been carefully selected to accompany the collection of the finest that we provide. They are the embodiment of refined luxury and a redefinition of supreme hospitality..

The world of dining has never tasted this incredible, with such a versatile pallet all tastes and preferences are bound to be satisfied. Gourmet experiences that can be immersive and transformative linking culture, tradition and innovation are what we aim to cater to our clients.

Enjoy the incredible array of live performances from theatre spectacles, concerts, film festivals to car races and sports events around the globe. Lujo will grant you access to a wide range of distinctive events.

Embark on a journey in a myriad of worldly possibilities, curated to each and every detail according to your taste. Our talented team of experts will attentively design an unforgettable experience that will combine all of your delights in one.

Drift through the fabulous nightlife of the notoriously exciting cosmopolitan hotspots, with ease and the ultimate enjoyment, rest assured you are always at the right place. The most attractive and the most private spots will be in reserve for you.

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All Through Mobile App

All of our services are exclusively available through Lujo mobile application, by which they are perfectly aligned with our values, the significance of time and remarkable customer experience.

We are striving to deliver a digital solution that will serve as a par excellence search and suggestion engine, constantly keeping in mind your personal preferences.


We have created our memberships as your personal gateway into the world of your preferences, choices and nuances that make who you are. We want them to be a reflection of you.

Membership Benefits

Exclusive events & experiences

Hand-picked for those who want to experience the very best in life

On-demand private jets

A global fleet of more than 7000 aircraft at your fingertips

Luxury and fine goods

The finest and best goods on the planet sourced for you and your loved ones

Hotels and villas

Discounted hotel prices and spectacular villas wherever you are in the world

Selection of world’s best dining spots

Be welcomed like beloved guest through our curated network of the finest places to dine

24/7 chat support by our agents

Highly trained and experienced concierge agents will accommodate your every wish

Lujo is a Membership Based Club

Because we aspire to offer you the very best in an efficient and elegant manner, our membership exclusivity allows us to be at the forefront all the while keeping a close eye on your individual preferences and catering to them accordingly.


Lujo aspires to a more personal way of building partnerships, creating and curating distinctive, exclusive, reliable services.

Corporate Partnership

Through this kind of partnership we invite you to explore the ways in which Lujo can accommodate your company’s requirements in a highly customized fashion.


White-label Partnership

This partnership allows you to re-brand and adjust our product accordingly. Have a personalized edition of Lujo that is representative of your company’s reputation and style but powered by our impeccable services.


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